Thank you for your interest in this year's summer conference.  Please review the information before registering to avoid errors and needs to re-register.

Summer Conference begins Tuesday late afternoon with the dinner and business session.  Regular registration covers this thru Thursday night's banquet.

OPTIONAL:  there are four optional Deep Dive sessions available this year.  Two require additional fees and two are free.  These are not required, and if you choose to do one you 1) may only select ONE as they run at the same time, and 2) must attend.  No refunds will be given if you do not attend, and there is a $50 non-attendance fee for those who register for the free sessions and do not attend. 

Deep Dive Options are listed here.  After reviewing, scroll to the bottom to register:



CASE Agriculture Business Management
Instructor: Bibiana Gift
When: Tuesday, June 16
Capacity: 40
Cost: $250

Are you starving for agriculture business curriculum? Are you using CASE in your program or wanting to get certified in your first CASE curriculum? If you answered yes to any of those questions this Deep Dive session is for you. The Agriculture Business Foundations course is the first semester-long course offered by CASE. This curriculum includes the practical development of a virtual business enterprise, business/marketing plan, financial documents including balance statements/ledger entries/enterprise budgets, risk management assessments, estimated returns, and projected cash flow. Throughout the course are practical and engaging activities, projects, and problems to develop and improve student's employability skills.

Read more about the CASE Agriculture Business Foundations curriculum on the CASE websites at 



Western Nationals Rangeland CDE
Instructors: Sue Poland
When: Tuesday, June 16
Cost: $75
Capacity: 40

Western Nationals Rangeland CDE--Sue Poland will guide instructors through the process of teaching the Rangeland CDE, setting up the CDE, and competing in the CDE.




Horse Evaluation and Equine Science
Instructor: Angela White
When: Tuesday, June 18

Angela White will walk participants through each step of the Horse Evaluation CDE, including judging live classes and providing oral reasons.



SAE For All
Instructor: Dan McNary
When: Tuesday, June 16
Capacity: 40

SAE for All--Dan McNary will lead a CASE-style workshop implementing the new SAE for All model, guiding teachers through the process of developing a Supervised Agricultural Experience for each student in your program.