OATA and NAAE recognize outstanding teachers and programs in many ways.  Award nomination applications are accepted at OATA Summer Conference and at the Oregon FFA State Convention, depending on the application.  In order to apply, a teacher must be an OATA/NAAE member.

State-winning applications in many areas move on to the regional competition.  State winners' applications are due May 15 yearly to NAAE for regional judging unless otherwise noted - see links below for details.

In 2015, NAAE changed to an online-submission format.  As such, many application areas no longer have a downloadable cover page.  OATA now has one cover page for the following Award Areas:
 - Oustanding Young Member
 - Agriscience Teacher of the Year
 - Oustanding Teacher
 - Secondary/Middle School Award
 - Postsecondary/Adult Education Award
 - Teacher Mentor
 - Teacher Turn the Key

You can download the fillable form Cover Page here.  It is also available in PDF format.  The requirements for Narrative and Supporting documents are unchanged.  All state-level appliactions must be submitted in hard-copy form (12 copies preferred) at the appropriate event (see each area for details).



Outstanding Young Member

Applicants in their first five years of teaching.  Applications due at Summer Conference.
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Oustanding Teacher Award

This program distinguishes NAAE members who are at the pinnacle of their profession — those who are conducting the highest quality agricultural education programs. The award recognizes leadership in civic, community, agriculture/agribusiness and professional activities.  Applications due at Summer Conference.
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Outstanding Secondary/Middle School Program Award

Award for high school and middle school agricultural science & technology award.  Instructors must be OATA/NAAE members.  Applications due at Summer Conference.
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Agriscience Teacher of the Year

Award for incorporation of science and inquiry into agriscience education.  Applications due at Summer Conference.
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Teacher Mentor

Outstanding service to younger members fo the profession.  Application nominates another person for the teacher mentor award.  Applications due at Summer Conference.
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"Teachers Turn the Key" Award Scholarship

The TTTK program is open for teacher's in years 2-4.  State winners attend the National NAAE Convention and participate in specialized program for early career teachers.  Applications due at State Convention.
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Outstanding Administrator Award
This award is for you to nominate and recognize administrators who have been long-time supporters of agricultural education.  Applications are due at State Convention, and the recipient is invited to attend the following OATA Summer Conference and be recognized at the awards banquet.
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Ideas Unlimited

Ideas Unlimited allows teachers to share great ideas they've developed for their classroom, FFA chapter, or SAE programs.  For Oregon, no application is needed - share ideas during Summer Conference at the Ideas Unlimited Session.  A handout to share your idea is encouraged.  State winners attend the next Region I conference to present their idea.
For state winners ONLY - see the NAAE application

Outstanding Cooperation Award

Award for recognizing organizations, agribusinesses, and others for outstanding service to agricultural education.  Applications due at Summer Conference.
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Outstanding Service Citation

Award for recognizing current or retired NAAE members for their service to agricultural education.  Applications due at Summer Conference.
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Lifetime Achievement Award

Award for recognizing current or retired NAAE members for outstanding accomplishment and achievement for agricultural education.  Applications due at Summer Conference.
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Oustanding Postsecondary/Adult Program Award

Award for postsecondary agricultural education programs.  Applications due at Summer Conference.
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Why We Do What We Do

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we give up our summers to work with students? Why do we spend countless days on the road, away from our families? Don't we know that others are out having summer fun? I know I have been asked these questions, or similar questions each time I head back to school for in-service and begin recounting the adventures of my summer. The answer to all these "WHY" questions is simple; we are passionate about student success.

There I was. Standing in a remodeled 100 year-old barn just outside of Bozeman, Montana. The speaker's voice was quivering, no doubt from the fear of speaking to the two hundred people packing the venue. As one boy handed the microphone to the next, the inexperienced speakers all suffered the same plight. The message was the story of the Twin Bridges FFA Chapter. The presenters were four young founding members and their advisor, speaking to an audience of FFA Alumni from all over the nation. The audience hung on every word as the story was relayed.

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International Ag Education - Rwanda and Kenya

Since taking a year off from teaching at Tillamook I have become involve with a project that could help develop Agriculture Education opportunities in Rwanda and Kenya, Africa. There could be a chance for Oregon Agriculture students and teachers to gain experience with International Agriculture and to help make a difference for students and farmers in Rwanda. I was invited there by PROCOM Rwanda, a local nonprofit that is demonstrating to local farmers modern farming practices. I am currently finalizing the project proposal for consideration for funding. PROCOM would like to see be back to start ground work a pilot project provided we secure funding.

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The Only Thing That Doesn't Change | President's Message

NickNelsonThis will be my tenth year as an instructor in the state of Oregon and one thing I have noticed in that short period of time is that, be it ODE, ESD or your immediate institution there comes that latest, greatest idea that someone has thought up. Most of the time it just makes my job harder or it creates more paperwork. Usually it is not an original idea anyway-what's the deal! I suppose that education is circular and as long as we are spiraling upwards it makes sense.

The longer I teach the more comfortable I get in my position and the less I like CHANGE. I suppose that happens to all of us at a point in time. I am reminded however by my favorite college instructor: Doc Patten-who had taught 30+ years and was a self-proclaimed "Life Long Learner"-that the only thing that doesn't change is change itself.

Over the past five years Oregon has had a huge turnover of Ag Teachers, which has brought us a ton of new and energetic teachers who are swimming in all the requirements that it takes to simply teach their students. These young teachers can usually adjust well to the changing tides of education, but it leaves them up in arms with traditional program needs.

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OSU Student Teachers Gain Real Classroom Experience in the Micro-teaching Class

Many Agricultural Education graduates may remember teaching to their peers in the basement of Strand Hall in the AED 554 - Micro-teaching class. Thanks to a great partnership with Woodburn and Dallas High Schools, the micro-teaching experience becomes much more real when our student teachers have the opportunity to teach in front of real students instead of their peers.

StudentTeaching1The two-day adventure began when half of the class traveled to Woodburn and the other half to Dallas for day one of teaching in the agriculture classrooms. On day two, the student teachers traded schools. Each student teacher developed and taught two lessons - one for Dallas High School and the other for Woodburn High School. Student teachers taught lessons in small engines, careers, woods, pesticides, osmosis and diffusion, cell functions, dairy cattle lactation, horticulture, the FFA Creed, and were evaluated by their peers.

Woodburn High School is truly a school within a school concept, as our student teachers taught lessons that integrated science into agriculture in the Woodburn Academy of Art, Science and Technology. The Woodburn experience provided student teachers with a positive view of teaching in a multicultural setting. Andrew Hartenstein commented that "teaching at Woodburn High School provided me with not only a multicultural experience, but also the opportunity to see how science is integrated into agriculture in more of a non-traditional class." Seth Stoddard was not going to let us leave Woodburn without the opportunity to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine at world famous Luise's Taqueria.

StudentTeaching2At Dallas High School, student teachers had the opportunity to teach in both Tim Ray and Lauren Farmen's classes. Dallas High School provided a wide array of teaching experiences, from careers to woodshop. Karie Hoffman commented that "peer evaluating my classmates provided a different perspective and allowed me to not only watch them teach, but to also really see the class and students from a different perspective."

The Woodburn and Dallas experience provided real-world teaching experiences in settings that helped prepare student teachers for careers in teaching. Peer evaluations, OSU faculty, and host teachers provided valuable feedback in a realistic setting that will help student teachers hone in on technical, pedagogical as well as classroom management skills.

Welcome Dr. Lambert!

Dr. Misty Lambert just made history at Oregon State University.  The Agricultural Education Program at OSU is over 100 years old and Dr. Lambert has the distinction of being the very first female teacher educator in the program's history.

mistylambert2010A product of a high school agriculture program, Dr. Lambert was a North Carolina State FFA Officer, a North Carolina Teaching Fellow, and a Coca-Cola National Scholar.  She has had some unique experiences during her four years as a high school agriculture teacher in North Carolina, including a chance to teach in both single teacher and multi-teacher departments and in both urban and suburban settings.  During her high school teaching career, Dr. Lambert chartered a new FFA chapter and alumni chapter.  As a high school teacher, Dr. Lambert taught everything from horticulture to small animal care, to biotechnology.  If that wasn't enough of a challenge, she spent her evenings teaching a class in plant identification at the local community college.

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President's Message - Back-to-School 2010

Who is out there in that classroom?

danjansen2010Summer is gone and with it goes flexible schedules to accommodate all of the things neglected from the previous nine months. Those who attended State Fair have now run out of excuses to avoid the painful teacher in-service meetings the week before the start of classes. So what is left to look forward to now that the three-months of bliss is over?

I envy the classroom teacher. I personally miss the beginning of school since I have left the formal high school setting. Well maybe not the first week as that was a harsh reality check of getting back to a structured life. However, professionally I was always excited. I viewed the start of a new school year as a measure of my individual growth and a gauge of the strength of my program.

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