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Summer Conference Agenda


Wednesday June 16, 2010
3:00-5:00pm Registration - Klamath Community College
5:00-6:00pm Dinner
6:00-7:30pm OVATA Business Session I
Thursday June 17, 2010
8:00-9:30am OVATA Business Session II - Klamath Community College
9:30-9:45am Break
9:45-10:45am Professional Development Workshop I
10:50-11:50am Professional Development Workshop II
12:00-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-2:00pm OVATA Committee Meetings
2:00-3:00pm Tours
3:00-6:30pm Skills and Team Building Activities
6:30-8:00pm Dinner
8:00-11:00pm Yellow Dogs
Friday June 18, 2010
8:00-9:45am Delta Conference Workshop - Klamath Community College
9:45-10:00am Break
10:00-11:50am Delta Conference Workshop
12:00-1:00pm Lunch - Communities of Practice/Ideas Unlimited Session
1:00-2:45pm Delta Conference Workshop
2:45-3:00pm Break
3:00-5:00pm Delta Conference Workshop
6:30-8:00pm OVATA Banquet
8:00-10:00pm Entertainment
Saturday June 19, 2010
8:00-9:30am Team AgEd Meeting - Klamath Community College
8:00-11:00am Optional Delta Conference Workshop


For a printable version download 2010 At-A-Glance.

Summer Conference Registration

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Gardner to Lead Oregon Agriculture Education

Dr. Reynold GardnerDr. Reynold Gardner will take over leadership as the eleventh Specialist for Agriculture and Natural Resources in the Oregon Department of Education. Dr. Gardner began his new position on October 7, 2008.

A Wyoming native and past FFA State Officer, Reynold came to OSU on a wrestling scholarship and earned his B.S. degree in General Agriculture and his Masters of Agriculture at OSU. His first teaching position was in Junction City, Oregon, where he taught from 1996-2004. During his tenure at Junction City, the FFA Chapter earned state and national recognition in several Career Development Events. Under his coaching, Junction City FFA had two individual first place teams in National Career Development events and at the state level placed 1st, 2nd,or 3rd in 55 CDEs.

Asia, Automation, and Abundance

Chad Waldron, OVATA Secretary-TreasurerNAAE/ACTE Financial Report and a Summary of ACTE Keynote Speaker

After spending a week in Charlotte North Carolina at the (NAAE) National Association of Agriculture Educators and the Association of Career Technical Education (ACTE) conferences, I am very pleased that I was able to bring home some tremendous tools and knowledge that hopefully I can share with the rest of the Oregon Vocational Agricultural Teacher Association, and that will personally make me a better teacher. There is one thing that I would have preferred to have left in North Carolina though, and that was the flu. I probably got it from United Airlines in compensation for them losing my luggage. It’s been two days since I got back and they still aren’t sure where my suitcase is located. They said something about Germany the last time I called them…

President's Message - December 2008

Tom Hall, OVATA PresidentIt seems like only yesterday I was working at the OSU Dairy as a milker and junior herdsman. Current technology found me typing very “important” papers for Dr. Cole on my used Apple IIE. My junior block field experience sent me to Scio High School under the guidance of Gary Temple. I had a wife, a toddler son and a beater pickup (which didn’t make it to Scio and back a few times!) During my senior year, my student teaching assignment sent me to Amity High School under the tutelage of Roy Whitman. Dr. Cole thought Roy would take the “rough edges” off of me. This, of course, was probably the only mistake Dr. Cole ever made!!

It’s been 20 years and two high schools since then. My first year at Willamina High School is like a blur. I made my fair share of mistakes. Luckily for me, my memory is going, I have forgotten most of my misery I lived through that first year! I actually thought about early retirement my first year on the job! I sure did make some good friends and met some good people while I was there.

JD Cant Named Outstanding Young Member for NAAE Western Region

JD CantCongratulations to JD Cant, Imbler, for being named the NAAE Western Region Outstanding Young Member.  JD was the OVATA Young Member in 2007, and will be recognized at the NAAE National Convention in North Carolina in December.

"Controlling the Fever"

OSU LogoIs spring fever real or is it an “old teachers’ tale?” According to research, spring fever is a real phenomenon that happens to all people when the sunshine and warm temperatures of spring arrives. Spring fever not only impacts our students, but it also affects faculty, staff, and even the lunch ladies. Science has shown that transformation in weather influences the biological, physical and psychological changes occurring in the body. I always thought spring fever was an excuse for students to be lazy, restless, and just looking for a way to get out of working! Spring fever is real and we need to prepare differently to control the fever. 

Teach Ag Ed Workshop

Josh illustrates his best ag teacher storyOn March 24th Pendleton was host to helicopters, hypnotism, and the end of the 80th Oregon FFA State Convention - as well as over forty students who were learning why Agricultural Education may be a career choice for them.

2007 OVATA Awards

The 2007 OVATA Summer Conference hosted at Eagle Point High School came away with two NAAE Award Recipients.  The Outstanding Program for 2007 was Ontario High School where instructors Les Linegar and Roger Watkins have experienced tremendous success in the classroom, FFA events and activities, and Supervised agriculture experience programs (SAE).  

Sam Herringshaw of the Hermiston HS Agriculture Education Program was also named the 2007 NAAE Teacher Turn the Key recipient. Saw attended specialized workshops and activities for NAAE members with under four years of teaching experience at the 2007 NAAE Convention in Las Vegas, NV.  

The Outstanding Young Member award was given to J.D. Cant of Imbler High School. Both award applications will be submitted to the NAAE in May of 2008 for consideration in the Region I NAAE Award Programs. If the Ontario program is awarded the coveted NAAE Region I Outstanding Program Award, they will be fighting over who gets to drive the 2009 TOYOTA Tundra for the next two years! Congratulations to our OVATA Award Recipients! 

Ontario Ag ProgramJD CantSam Herringshaw




A Huge Ag Teacher Shortage...How Do We Meet 10 x 15 Goals?

“10x15” is the ambitious, long-range strategic goal for agricultural education.


Team Ag EdThe focus of this unprecedented effort is to create new programs in communities not yet served by agricultural education and FFA and to strengthen the quality of current programs providing personal, academic and career education in agriculture.  In order to meet these lofty goals, Oregon Agriculture Education and OVATA need to supply high quality and motivated agriculture education students to pursue a rewarding career in agriculture education.


To help address this professional need, OVATA will be developing a database of self-identified students who are interested in the career opportunities of being an Agriculture Educaiton Teachers at the high school or college level.  Please be refer high achieving, college bound Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors who are interested in the Teach Ag Profession. The future of our profession on the local, state, and national level depends on who we find to replace and work along side of ourselves.  Please have your students submit their contact information or submit on their behalf.... Future Ag Teacher Referral Form

Welcome to OVATA online!

Welcome to the OVATA!  This site will be developed soon.  Look for up-to-date information and resources.