Using OVATA.org: Login

In order to utilize OVATA.org and post articles, upload resources or documents, or use other features, you must login.  Any visitor can view public information without logging in.

Once you've logged in, further information on uploading content will be available on this page.

To login (new users):
1)  Go to the homepage and click "Register" in the login box.
2)  Enter the required information and enter.  An email will immediately be sent to the address you provided.  You will need to open that email and click the link in order to activate your account (this eliminates computer bots from creating 9,000 accounts on the site).
3)  You are now ready to use OVATA.org.  Check back here for further help.

Login (returning users):
1)  Enter your user name and password on the home page.
2)  If you have forgotten your password, use the link to reset your password.  It will be sent to your email address.

Need further help?  Contact the website administrator.

Using Oregon Resource Share

You must be logged in in order to upload materials to the Oregon Resource Share.

The Oregon Resource Share is a tool for sharing your materials, assignments, powerpoints, and activities with your colleagues.  It is highly organized into curriculm areas, and can be searched by keyword as well.

How to Upload to Oregon Resource Share:
1)  Login to OVATA.org
2)  Click on Oregon Resource Share
3)  Click "Add Entry"
4)  Enter the information.  You can upload up to 9 files or link one website to this resource.
5)  Use the folders at the bottom of the page to put your resource in the right category.  You can select up to five areas to put it in.  (Note:  the more specific the better; if you upload a "Livestock Judging" resource and put it in "Livestock Judging", it will also appear when someone browses "Animal Science.")
6) Click Send.

Uploading Files and Downloads

You must be logged in in order to upload files under the Files and Downloads.

The Files and Downloads is a repository of OVATA business materials, professional development agendas, and newsletters.  Users can upload pertinent files to this area of the website.

To Upload to the Files and Downloads:
1)  Click on "Files and Downloads" under the Home tab.
2)  Select "Submit File"
3)  Select "Upload a Files from your Computer" (unless otherwise - advanced users only)
4)  Select your file and Upload.
5)  Enter a title for this file, along with any other important information, and be sure to Approve it (if you have that access).
6)  Hit Save.

If your file does not show up, please contact the website administrator.